I don’t have any cavities

When I was a child, all the other kids started losing their baby teeth, but none of my teeth would fall out. They said it was a family trait, that people in our family have very hard teeth, very rarely get cavities or broken teeth. I believe people in my family got braces and went to normal tooth cleanings at the dentist, but rarely needed to contact the dentist for fillings or a tooth pulled.  Anyway, what went along with this, was that our baby teeth did not come out very easily to make way for the adult teeth. My uncle even had to have some of his pulled to make way for an adult tooth. To this day I do not have a single cavity or filling and have never had a tooth pulled because it was beyond repair. I have had my teeth cleaned regularly at the dentist, and brush my teeth regularly, but I don’t think this is the reason, I think it is all because of genetics.

Here’s a free video for ya on business ideas that can be pulled off fairly easily online. Some of them are relatively simple, others are more complex and require some knowledge of websites/hosting etc… but check it out, there’s something for you in there!

this chess video got into the guardian but it is not very good. not sure how it got a link there or how it got so many views, but still, if the chess game goes precisely how he spells it out, you can win chess with this strategiiy